Everyone working at Alchimia Clinic from the cleaning staff to receptionists, the Clinic Manger and nursing staff
has been specially selected for their professionalism, compassion, experience and discretion. Patients can
expect complete confidentiality and a warm and friendly interaction.



After 13 years of theatre experience I still love my work and the commitment involved in creating a positive and safe experience for patients. I first met Dr. Jedeikin in 2000 when I was a student nurse at the Chris Barnard private hospital in Cape Town. He took me under his wing and taught me so much. Plastic surgery had always been one of my favourite surgical specialties and I was delighted to join the team at Alchimia Clinic. I’m responsible for management of the theatre unit and attending to patient care, comfort and safety. I am also responsible for all doctors requirements making sure selected instruments are available and kept in impeccable order at all times. We have a wonderful team at Alchimia, it’s one of the reasons I am so happy working here.

Melissa is married with one daughter and lives in Cape Town.



Since the beginning of 2016 I have been working as a Senior Nurse Assistant at the Alchimia Clinic in Cape Town. I report directly to the theatre Matron, Melissa Beziek, an inspirational leader who is resolute when it comes to high standards and expert facilitation. Debbie, the Clinic Administrator, is also a great influence, making sure we strictly adhere to protocol. My role is to make sure the admission process goes smoothly and then to accompany patients to the theatre keeping them in good spirits and attending to any needs they have. From time to time, I assist in theatre with sterile packs and hygiene procedures. It is a privilege to be employed at the Clinic where I know patients have such a high level of care and consideration.

Annet is married with three children and lives in Cape Town.



As a Nursing Assistant and Cleaner at the Alchimia Clinic you can be well assured I know exactly what sterility and the importance of hygiene means.

As Matron Beziek says: “a sterile operating environment is as important as the surgeon and anesthetist”. We make sure that every corner of every room and every surgical instrument is hygienically cleaned. Dr. Jedeikin always reminds us that, “Instruments are like babies and need to be treated gently and with love”.

Another important duty of mine is to ensure that patient’s post-operative dietary needs are well taken care of. I am fully available to patients should anything be needed. The clinic has a culture of compassion, safety and a warm friendly attitude.

Akhona is a mother of two children and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.



It’s my duty and my pleasure communicating with patients about their enquiries and making arrangements for patients, both local and those who have come for procedures from abroad. During my fourteen years of working at the practice, (I joined Dr Jedeikin in 2002), I’ve enjoyed every minute. I’ve also witnessed immense growth in the practice. My mission is to make each patient’s surgical experience positive, pleasant and as fulfilling as possible. Besides doing administration I liaise directly with the medical recuperation unit and arrange for everyone to get home safely and comfortably. Throughout my time here I’ve learnt volumes about compassion, the art of care and being optimally efficient, thanks to Dr Jedeikin and his personal assistant Debbie, who always impart their valuable knowledge to me. Patients are free to contact me at any time for any assistance they might need.



My first assignment with Dr Jedeiken was a temporary position as his secretary. I had no idea what to expect, and here I am fifteen years later, working as practice manager and personal assistant to Dr. Jedeikin.

I get to deal with patients on a daily basis, which is both rewarding and enjoyable. During my time here I’ve learnt so much about all the different procedures and I’m able to tell patients from first hand experience, what they can expect. As Dr Jedeikin says, “One learns something new everyday,” that’s so true and I feel highly empowered by all the experience and knowledge collected along the way.

My main function is an administrative one but what I also enjoy is reassuring patients, especially those who have come for procedures from abroad. We have a wonderful culture of trust and confidentiality which is something highly regarded by everyone in the team.