Surgery retreats are very popular with international patients coming from all over the world to receive procedures in South Africa. Having seen countless international patients through transformative processes we have an acute understanding of the sometimes emotional and often life changing and liberating effects that surgery brings. Years of experience have prepared the way for a nurturing journey with the utmost comfort and assurance. From the initial enquiry to pre-arrival preparations patients are made to feel safe and are given thorough information to equip them. We take everything into consideration and make accommodation arrangements that suit individual needs and desires. We also provide ample personal support, care and companionship from beginning to end.
Initial contact involves speaking to one of the clinic’s staff members who will answer all your questions and guide you through any concerns you may have. Following this, a telephone or Skype session with the clinic and doctor will clarify the details of your procedure and give you peace of mind. Should you wish to schedule a date after this, we will be in constant contact and guide you through your pre-preparation and planning. After your consultation, there is no obligation to go through with any surgery, we understand it is a highly significant decision and while we are here to inform, support and guide you, the final decision is yours.

“I was so grateful to the staff at Alchimia Clinic. They briefed me on so many things I had never thought of and seemed to anticipate all my needs. With the tremendous amount of care given, I felt as though I had my family with me.”

Aesthetic surgery is a journey of self-care that’s tied to emotional wellbeing, healthy self-image and a positive sense of identity. It’s an exciting time of growth and change and you need to feel cherished, supported and cared for. After your procedure, you will need equal amounts of support and this is something we account for from the beginning. Holistic care like massage (pre and post surgery), physiotherapy, styling assistance to accommodate a new look, hairdressing, skin care, light therapy and more can all be arranged. Our aim is to make your recovery into a joyous and exciting time.
During a surgery break you may have free time you want to fill with activities appropriate to your recovery. You may feel unfamiliar or vulnerable and we’re here to keep you company and see you through any unexpected emotions or challenges.

Initial contact.

The first step towards planning your surgery is to contact one of our patient advisors. Both Ingrid and Debbie have a wonderful way of guiding patients. They will attend to all your questions and provide you with detailed information. This important first step is a great way to familiarise yourself with what to expect.

Meeting with the Doctor

Once you have a solid idea of everything that’s involved, we schedule a meeting with your Doctor. This can be done telephonically or on Skype. Many questions will be asked to ascertain all your expectations and you will have enough time with your consultation to feel totally comfortable. You may want to write down some of your questions to get maximum benefit from your time. Your Doctor may make suggestions about your procedure that requires some time for you to absorb, and a second consultation is always available for final decisions to be made. Once you feel at ease and confident about the way forward, all the appropriate arrangements can be made. The Clinic staff have immense sensibility and experience and will offer you expert solutions with patience and compassion.

Planning your surgery journey

Planning and preparation is designed to be easy, relaxing and comfortable. From flight times to transport, accommodation and companionship, we have your utmost care in mind. No matter what your needs are, we will make sure you feel provided for and safe. We have a number of accommodation options and you can choose which one feels the most comfortable.
After surgery, we’ll still be in close contact and arrange all your post-surgical appointments, wellbeing and healing treatments, as well as emotional support. Often our clients are experiencing life changes that co-incide with their surgery and we are highly sensitive to the type of environment you may need. When you are ready to finish your retreat and return to your normal routine, we’ll still be here to counsel you through any additional changes or questions you may have. We have regular review periods that offer an opportunity to share experiences and feelings. We love connecting with patients and sharing positive experiences post surgery. Keeping in touch is encouraged and a beneficial part of the experience.