Alchimia Clinic is privately owned by Dr. Lionel Jedeikin MB.ChB. LRCP + S FCS (SA), a leading South African
surgeon with a practice that spans over 25 years. Dr Jedeikin put enormous resources into developing a clinic
that checks every conceivable box from patient experience to absolute safety and certainty. Having personally
supervised a team of experts, gone through accreditation and compliance from every necessary authority and
then test driven the facility in his own practice he has complete peace of mind in offering a world class private
facility to doctors and their patients.


Not many people know the kind of safety measures involved in a clinic that
guarantees a flawless and professional facility. Here are some of the
features you might find interesting.

Alchimia has an independent gas room monitored by electronic mechanisms
with cameras and safety measures that include cell phone text alerts should
there be any potential warnings either day or night.

There is a huge 100kva back up generator that switches over to independent
power if need be. It also has a dedicated battery operated UPS system to
bridge the gap between changeovers. All essential medical equipment
runs uninterrupted.

High quality air is a key component. The air conditioning system is highly
advanced and has HEP filters with controlled and sterile air circulation
with between 10 to 20 air changes every hour. Fire regulations are very
strict and each door is specially fortified with fire retardant material with
the ability to contain any potential fire.