Alchimia is situated in the heart of Cape Town with easy access to taxi and bus routes and has ample free
on-premise parking. It is close to coffee shops and restaurants and has a beautiful waiting room and reception
area. It has a wheelchair enabled lift and bathroom facilities.

Highly experienced and friendly reception staff is available for booking procedures and
help with paperwork and medical aid authorisation.

Two fully equipped theatres have brand new machinery that is highly regulated and up to date.

A 4-bed day ward is quiet and peaceful with compassionate and friendly registered nursing staff on hand.

The recovery unit has strictly hygienic full bathroom facilities.

A small canteen is available to doctors and serves refreshments and light meals to patients if required.


  • On site autoclave sterility department
  • Medical waste disposal system
  • Consulting room for doctors to use on special request
  • Pathcare lab runs daily services to the clinic and will collect samples at any time on request.
  • Music channeled through to theatre rooms if desired
  • All equipment is new, up to date and caters for most specialties
  • Doctor requirements can be discussed in depth with our Clinic Manager


Alchimia Clinic is optimally equipped for general anaesthetics, and local with sedation and accommodating
plastic surgeons, dentists, maxilo facial surgeons for general operations, minor gynaecological operations,
hand surgery and other related procedures.

A strict sterility protocol is followed diligently. Patients have greater peace of mind with a small
clinic that has control over potential complications caused by superbugs.


A good record keeping system and online e-billing system for medical aids, as well as
information regarding rates makes all the paperwork easy.


Alchimia is run with maximum efficiency to enable excellent private rates with affordable scalable
options.It’s also a welcome solution for people not on medical aid, for pensioners, private paying
patients and for procedures not covered by medical insurance.


Should you wish to book the clinic kindly get in contact with our Clinic Administrator who will answer all your
questions and attend to any needs you may have. If you need help with medical aid authorisation we will gladly
offer that. Our booking office has an online option or telephonic option. Once a booking has been made our
reception staff will be primed and ready to offer a warm welcome to your patient. After completing any relevant
paperwork, he or she will then be taken through and given a pre-operative body wash.

All staff members are experienced and familiar with the general routines and need very little supervision to
administer any services you may require. Doctors or anaethetists needing a pre-operative consultation can
arrange for a consulting room to be made available to them.

Once surgery is complete, patients will be taken to the recovery room and given the appropriate care.
We have a canteen facility for doctors to use during any waiting periods.