Should you wish to book the clinic kindly get in contact with our Clinic Administrator who will answer all your
questions and attend to any needs you may have. If you need help with medical aid authorisation we will gladly
offer that. Our booking office has an online option or telephonic option. Once a booking has been made our
reception staff will be primed and ready to offer a warm welcome to your patient. After completing any relevant
paperwork, he or she will then be taken through and given a pre-operative body wash.

All staff members are experienced and familiar with the general routines and need very little supervision to
administer any services you may require. Doctors or anaethetists needing a pre-operative consultation can
arrange for a consulting room to be made available to them.

Once surgery is complete, patients will be taken to the recovery room and given the appropriate care.
We have a canteen facility for doctors to use during any waiting periods.